Did the Board of Commissioners invite a Satanist to give the invocation at a meeting?

No, this is false. The Board of Commissioners did not invite the individual from the Satanic Temple of West Michigan to give an invocation.

Rather, the Board of Commissioners upheld the First Amendment and followed its own policy, which was created with help from organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, to uphold the Constitution.

The policy allows any county resident, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof, to request to be on the invocation schedule.  

The Board of Commissioners, after much reflection and discussion with community pastors and faith leaders, continued the invocation tradition, which allows people in Ottawa County to pray before each meeting.  

Pastors in Ottawa County have specifically requested the Board of Commissioners continue this policy, so they can continue to pray before meetings. Commissioners are continuing to observe the situation carefully.

The prayer schedule filled up through the end of the year because more pastors decided to get involved!