Do I need to vote in the August Primary Election?

Yes, the August primary election determines which candidates run in the November General Election.

Anyone can sign up to run as a Republican without meeting any requirements. Even a Democrat can run as a Republican, and vice versa.

In Ottawa County, progressive voters aligned with the Democrat Party are actively working to recruit crossover voters and support the Republicans who best align with their progressive ideology.

Ottawa County is known for electing Republican candidates. It makes it difficult for people to run as Democrats and win.

Voting for pro-America, pro-Constitution candidates is important. Local government has an important role in protecting children and families.

As state and national leaders fail to preserve and protect the rights of the people, local government has never been more important.

As the progressive left promotes an anti-American agenda— undermining the goodness of America, the American people, and American values—we must defend our communities and way of life on a local level.

This is accomplished by electing leaders who prioritize liberty and the people above all else, while serving the needs of the community.

The August 6 primary election offers the people of Ottawa County an opportunity to once again support courageous leaders who will lead courageously, reject passivity, protect local authority, and respect the values and faith of the people of Ottawa County.