Is the Board spending more money than the previous Board, especially on attorney fees and severance?

The Board of Commissioners adopted a 2024 budget with one of the smallest increases in recent history!

• Current Board: 3.59% increase for 2024

• Previous Board: 10.5% increase for 2023

• Previous Board: 11.94% increase for 2022

The previous Board consistently paid one attorney over $400,000 per year.

The new Board of Commissioners hired a team of Constitutional attorneys who prioritize freedom and improved the County’s processes and procedures.

The new law firm also is defending the county when Democrats sue the Republican Board. For example, the previous Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party has sued the Board with baseless claims (and he lost twice in court). Progressive liberals should stop their frivolous lawsuits.

The previous Board created severance packages for the former administrator and the DEI (“Diversity, Equity, Inclusion”) Director.

The DEI Department alone was budgeted at $286,000 per year. It was on track to cost almost $1,000,000 from 2023-2025. By closing this department, the new Board of Commissioners saved taxpayers millions of dollars over the next decade and stopped pushing radical Critical Race Theory ideology (aligned with the Biden and Whitmer administrations) in the county.

The Board terminated the employment of former Administrator Gibbs for cause with no severance.